World Rabies Day

Important Information about Rabies

Fun Fact: World Rabies Day is the death anniversary of Louis Pasteur, who invented the first Rabies vaccine .

28th September is observed as “ World Rabies Day” . The theme for this year is “Share the message, Save a life”. So our main focus today will be to prevent and control this deadly virus. In doing so we will need your cooperation.

As always SVC never misses a chance to share and celebrate the current updates with our valuable  costumers. We are organizing an event  “Free Rabies Vaccination And Awareness Program” to administer about a hundred one-year rabies vaccination. Kindly come and  join us on Saturday, September 29 2018 at Saleem Vet Clinic.
We will celebrate this day to the maximum, and will play our role in the elimination of Rabies virus .

World Rabies Day 2018


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You shall bring your pets (cats or dogs) or stray animals from street are encouraged. We will give them a rabies shot and then inform you about the dangers of rabies. What rabies is? How to protect your family, yourself and your pets from it and What measures or precautions to take incase you are bit or scratched by a stray animal.

Each visit may take about five to ten minutes or more depending on the services our clients require. Our pet shop will also be open for you. We will try to give individual attention to each pet or animal you will bring.

Please Note:Our Clinic will also be following its daily routine. Therefore, it is requested for you all to remain patient and cooperate with us. You are all important to us.


  1. Dogs must be leashed and cats must be in carriers.
  2.  Dogs and cats are first vaccinated between four to six months of age. Pets and or animals under the age of 45 days will not be vaccinated.
  3. Dogs and cats will then need a booster shot once a year. A cat or dog must not be vaccinated for rabies more than once in a year.
  4. It is requested for all pet owners to bring their vaccination card.
  5. People bringing stray cats and/or dogs are welcomed and appreciated.

Limited stock available rabies vaccinations will be administered on a first come, first serve basis. Our team will be waiting for you.

What is Rabies:

Rabies is a deadly viral disease in which inflammation occurs in brain. It is an enzootic and epizootic disease having world wide significance affecting almost all mammals species and is characterized by acute encephalitis.

How is Rabies caused:

It is caused by getting bit or scratched by an infected animal. It is also transmitted via saliva, as it resides in the saliva of an infected animal.

Why should we get our animals vaccinated:

Rabies is quite common in animals. Although no data on human rabies cases is available at the national level but it was estimated that 2,000 to 5,000 people die of rabies every year. It is therefore advised to families having pets must get their pets vaccinated for Rabies. After first major booster pets needs to get vaccinated every year. People think that their pets stay indoor but it takes no time for any animal to get in contact with other infected animal. It is highly recommended, that for the safety of your family and pets get your pet vaccinated.

What are the symptoms of Rabies:

Animals get very strange type of itching. It will act like mad animal and would try to attack or bite.

How expensive is Rabies Vaccination:

The coast of treating a Rabies infected person is very expensive. Where as to get its preventive vaccine is much cheaper. Your pet vaccination cost against Rabies will be a lot less.

Special Note:

SVC hopes to play a role in achieving the target 3.3 set by Sustainable Development Goal 3 that aims to end the epidemics of neglected tropical diseases by 2030.
Share the message. Save a Life. Let’s join our hand together in this noble cause. We look forward to see you all.

Thank you.

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